Eligibility of Shop and Establishment registration while working from home

Hi Community members,

We are working from home since March 2020. And we will continue working from home for quite a long time. Our Shop & Establishment registration is already expired. So even though we are working from home, do we have to renew the registration or we can skip that? How does it work? Your thoughts are sincerely appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Community members / @Dinesh / @Ankit ,

Your guidance on this matter is highly appreciated. Thanks.


The Shop and Establishment Act is applicable nationwide, and all the commercial establishments.
The definition of a ‘Commercial Establishment’, as given in the Act is:

  1. Any commercial sector, such as banking, trading or insurance establishments
  2. Any establishment where individuals are employed or engaged to do office work or provide service
  3. The hotels, eateries and boarding houses or a smaller café or refreshment house
  4. Amusement and entertainment places such as theatres and cinema halls or amusement parks

All such above mentioned commercial establishments come under the Act and need to adhere to the norms and regulations set by the Act for the treatment of their employees.

The exceptions to the Act vary in the States and each State has given a list of shops and establishments act that come into the Act, and who require the registrations under the Act to run their business in the State.


Hi Shefali,

I know this question is specially for Dinesh and Ankit but i am also replying hope my reply will also help you.

Even though you are working from home, your S&E renewal should happen within due date. It is not on the basis of your working from home or from office. If company exits then registration has be there, if registration is due then it should be renewed.

Hope this info will help you.



Thanks @Arpana No worries please go ahead :slight_smile:

@shefalipatil as Arpana shared - renewal has to happen irrespective of the place of work - because the registration is for the organisation and does not depend on place alone.

So I recommend start this work at the earliest - and pay a nominal fine for late filing and complete the process. this link should help you for the same.


H @Arpana,

Thank you so much!

None was replying, and I know Dinesh or Ankit usually responds. So reached out to them. Now I know one more person whom I can reach out to… :grinning:



Hi @shefalipatil

As mentioned by @Arpana & @Dinesh, Yes we need to Renew all our Licenses irrespective of Work Location.

You can Renew S&E with “Registered Office Address” as per Companies Act as Office Address. So that communication address is proper for your perusal.



I am sorry for late reply as I actually missed this link.



I understand. Still you took time and responded, that’s important. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m very happy to see the association and bonding we all have created here.

Will soon setup a ‘Community Meetup’ gathering all of us together once in a while :slight_smile:

And will reach out to understand what could be of the ‘Agenda’ and other elements we can have in these meetup.

Have a good week ahead @Arpana @shefalipatil @Ankit



Our office is registered in Bengaluru under companies Act.
Recently we closed our office in Coimbatore and employees are working from home.

We surrendered the registration had.

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