Employment Laws: Payment of wages, Layoffs & Retrenchments!

UmaKanthan Sir-compressed.pdf (360.0 KB) Here is the complete resource of the recently conducted webinar on the title: “Employment Laws: Payment of wages, Layoffs & Retrenchments!”

Conducted by: Mr M. Umakanthan, Additional Labour Commissioner (Rtd.) TN Govt.

Video Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4087603109209391374
(Use the link to watch the complete session).

Presentation is attached!

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Every time login to watch recorded webinar is bit difficult, if you are able to save the same as MP4 format that will be good to download & watch anytime, uninterupted, no live internet connection…


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Thanks @mohan4hr it’s a nice suggestion.

In the meantime we think about uploading and asking users to download the same, there are some alternates that I would like to provide.

Likely we have uploaded this video to one of the hosting sites and you can watch it without a login- link: https://greytip-2.wistia.com/medias/4p76ndsq3r (you can also download using online tools :))

Also we created a repository of al the training videos into one place likely - https://gotostage.com/channel/greythr

With a one time signup you can look at all the ‘Expert webinar’ videos in one place.