Establishment Manual & Apprenticeship Act


Our company has enrolled in Apprentice Scheme that has been newly launched by the government. There is certain portal where we have log in create our profile and select the people from the database and provide them job opportunity. We have enrolled the candidates but we are not able to share them contract plus I would also like to know more about NAPS (National apprenticeship Pension scheme)


Hi Nisha,

Please find the attached files of the Establishment Manual & Apprenticeship FAQ which may be of help to resolve your queries.
establishment-manual.pdf (967.6 KB)
Apprenticeship_FAQs.pdf (415.2 KB)
In Home | Apprenticeship Training Portal (, you also get the instructional videos in the dropdown menu.

Hope the above helps.


Thanks @Bhuvana_Anand .

That is really helpful. Hope @Nisha.b you find it helpful.

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