[Expert Webinar] Year-End TDS Calculation and Payroll Management

Hi All,

We are happy to share the much requested Video link & Presentation for our recent Expert Webinar on Year-End TDS Calculation and Payroll Management.

Read the Presentation here:

Year-End TDS & Payroll.pdf|attachment (256.2 KB)

Watch the Video:

If you have questions, please feel free to post as replies below.


Hi All,

We would like to thank each one of you who took your valuable time to attend and add more value to the web session.

It is happiness to hear a feedback and we have a few thoughtful comments about the webinar on Year-End TDS Calculation and Payroll Management.

Thanks so much for your feedback! We are really glad you found the session interesting & knowledgeable.

Excellent explanations have been given by Mr. Rakesh on LTC Cash Voucher Scheme with an illustration which is very easy to understand & much appreciated.” - Kasi Viswanathan

Extremely well moderated. The content was to the point and was in line with the agenda. All questions were responded to well.” - Rupasi Murthy

It was an eye-opening session about collecting proofs and documents part” - Ashwin

"Excellent and very useful to understand more about TDS & Payroll Management. Thanks for organizing this knowledge sharing. " - Sankara Subramanian

We promise to come up with more knowledge sharing sessions!

Thanks again!