Facts on women education!

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Here are some amazing facts about women’s education

  1. There are approximately 61 million children ages 6 to 11 years old not in school. 32 million of these children are girls.

  2. Around 15 million girls will never get the chance to learn to read or write in primary school (compared to about 10 million boys).

  3. 757 million adults and 115 million youths are illiterate. Two-thirds of those are women.

  4. Studies have found that having a female teacher can be very positive for girls’ school attendance and learning achievement. And globally, the percentage of female teachers in primary school has gone up from 56% in 1990 to 64% in 2014.

  5. A girl starting school today in southern Asia typically receives 11 years of education (compared to six years in 1990)

  6. Women have been surpassing men when it comes to completing post-high school education in most countries (77%) since 1990

  7. Women are more likely than men to graduate from concentrations in education, humanity and arts, social sciences, business and law, and health and welfare

  8. There are more women researchers than men researchers.

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Amazing. Great to see such great info shared. Thanks to admin.