For pensioner who issues Form 16?


Employee open forum question. For a pensioner, who issues Form 16? How to get it?


For Pensioner, there is no Form 16 but 26AS will show the details of Pension payment. You need to file the returns from that data.


Hi @Anushree

If the pension received is below the taxable limit then there is no need to file the income tax return. Even if you want to file the return you can obtain a pension paid certificate from the Employers (Govt) office. This should be sufficient to file the income tax return. Since there will not be any TDS.

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In case he is a Govt employee, respective department will give pensioner Form 16.
They can also collect the pension paid certificate which will be helpful while filing the tax returns.

Refer the below link of Odisha govt where Pensioner can download Form 16 directly from their portal

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