Form 16 for 2 months working


Employee worked for a company 2months(July,August) and got salary paid for 2months. Then resigned and joined another company.

  1. Will they get form 16 from previous company for the short duration?
  2. When will that be provided?
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Hi Gowri,

  1. Yes, even if any employee salary paid for one day or one rupee, company has liable to remit the TDS to authority. If there is no investment declared or total income is less than total exemptions, no need to provide part b, but company can generate part a to the employee.
  2. All the form 16 will be provided to employees during May & June for after the financial year.

Thanks for the reply @suresh.p


Hi Gowri

Whatever the months may be if TDS deducted form 16 to be issued. Form 12B can be issued immediately for any Tax deduction and Total earnings. Form 16 will be issued in the following financial year only after filing the Q4 returns.