Four day work week

Hi wonderful people,

Lately, it was in the news that some companies in Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc are on a trial run in adapting the 4 day work week. And from earlier responses, the companies were mentioning that it provided better productivity amongst their employees…

What does the tribe say about this?

In the United Arab Emirates, the federal government had implemented it somehow and one Emirate already is following up the 4 days work week, but private companies are still adamant to follow…

Any opinion counts… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Well as per my views its a great initiative and in case its showing positive response then it must be tried. A good way for employees as well to balance their work and life.


Agree with @Sandeep_G . Must be tried and incase it delivers good results then every country should try it out.


This may be useful in some sectors as Software, etc. This may be not recommendable to Construction, FMCG, etc in my opinion.
But it may be a good trial, who says no to 3days holiday in a week :grinning: