Details of the new Indian Labor Law

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have the complete set of the new labor law? was it already being followed?

Also, what is the working time for Indian workers under the new law.

Thank you all for your replies

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The new labour code is not yet implemented. Draft rules for the codes are published by majority of states.


Hi Sree,

May I know which states published it already?

Thank you.

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Here it is
MOL.pdf (5.1 KB)


Great thanks a lot!

Additional question: As of today what is the legal working hours in India for office workers and construction workers? (blue collar and white collar)


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Legal working hours differ, act-wise and state-wise in India. However, in general, it is 8-9 hrs a day and 48 hrs a week. Blue collar staff is eligible for overtime. But most legislations exempt supervisors/managers from the purview of work hours and overtime. So in general white-collar staff are not entitled to overtime even in a factory environment or in shops and commercial establishments.

For the construction industry, Building and construction workers rules (State-specific) matter. In general, 9 hrs a day and 48 hrs a week + Overtime based on set criteria.


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Our Payroll Vendor mentioned that New labor is coming into effect from Oct 2022. Can you please confirm if this already approved & to be implemented. I tried checking news, there is no mention of this.

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