Furnishing TDS/TCS Max limit

Hi community,

I have a question, how many times can I furnish a correction on my TDS/TCS statement?

Thanks for the answers and additional information in advance.



Hi @Nisha,

Some information I can find on this question is, A correction TDS/TCS statement can be furnished multiple times to incorporate changes in the regular TDS/TCS statement whereas a regular TDS/TCS statement will be accepted at the TIN central system only once.

Hope it helps. Fellow members might be able to add more.


Hi Nisha,

There is no limit for the number of times the correction return can be done for a TDS Statement. Any changes in the TDS Return statement shall be provided various times to integrate changes in the regular TDS report.

The TDS report on which changes are to be ready is to be updated with particulars in accordance with every correction. Only the changes, addition, and removal done in the rectified statements and accepted at the TIN central system are to be taken into consideration.


Hi ,

There is no limit on correction in TDS returns. The changes made while doing correction will be incorporated to the regular TDS report.

Correction of employee name or PAN number will not be a problem, but any changes/correction in payment will attract interest .

Hope this information will help you.

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