Greythr system errors

Hi @Kaulin

Sorry to use this platform to raise my issues with the greythr system at the moment.

It is just that we are doing payroll, and we are encountering couple of issues affecting our computation.

  1. Leave approvals are not being credited accordingly - employees submit their leaves, manager approve but system does not show it is approved
  2. Wrong calculation of LOP - we have an employee whose LOP was calculated at 44 days in a month ? how can this be, when a month is only 30, 31 or 28…
  3. Employees not yet joined was given a full month salary - date of joining is clear in the system as April 1 - but in the payroll sheet his name was included.

I already raised tickets for these concerns but as the reply would say " Please note that the response to your ticket may be delayed owing to the high volume of tickets that we are receiving.

Though we can edit the excel sheet, system should be accurate in providing the details first.

Thank you for routing this to the right people.


Hey @Ludy ,

Thanks for reaching out. I have informed the team and you can expect a revert soon from their end.


Community Manager.



Thank you so much :slight_smile: