[Greytribe Quiz 2.0] Season 3 :: Contest no 62

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Which approach to performance management focuses on ongoing feedback and development rather than annual reviews?
  • a) Traditional performance appraisal
  • b) 360-degree feedback
  • c) Continuous performance management
  • d) Behavioral anchored rating scales (BARS)
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What is the primary purpose of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
  • a) Providing financial incentives to employees
  • b) Assisting employees with career advancement
  • c) Supporting employees in dealing with personal issues and challenges
  • d) Offering training programs for skill development
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In the context of compensation, what does the term “Variable Pay” refer to?
  • a) Base salary paid on an hourly basis
  • b) Payroll deductions for taxes and benefits
  • c) A portion of an employee’s pay that is performance-based and can vary
  • d) Mandatory benefits provided to all employees
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In the context of compensation, what is the term for a non-monetary benefit provided to employees in addition to their regular salary?
  • a) Bonus
  • b) Commission
  • c) Perquisite (Perk)
  • d) Deduction
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  • Member who gives the highest number of correct answers in the whole week gets the bumper prize.
  • Post-contest, results will be announced by the following Monday.
  • Goodies/Vouchers whichever are selected for winners will be at the company’s sole discretion.

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