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In HR, what does the acronym “LMS” typically stand for?
  • a. Legal Management System
  • b. Learning Management System
  • c. Leadership Mentoring System
  • d. Leave Management System
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Which technology has revolutionized the way HR professionals recruit and assess candidates by allowing for asynchronous video interviews and assessments?
  • a. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • b. Blockchain
  • c. Virtual Reality (VR)
  • d. Video Conferencing
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What is the term for a situation in which an organization hires a competitor’s employees with the intention of gaining a competitive advantage?
  • a. Talent acquisition
  • b. Poaching
  • c. Succession planning
  • d. Talent pooling
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What is the purpose of a “competency framework” in HR?
  • a. To assess employee morale
  • b. To define the core skills and behaviors required for success in a role
  • c. To determine employee compensation
  • d. To conduct employee training programs
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What is the primary focus of “Job Enrichment” as a motivation strategy?
  • a. Increasing the number of employees in a job role
  • b. Reducing employee workload
  • c. Enhancing the quality of work by adding more meaningful tasks
  • d. Decreasing employee responsibilities
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  • Post-contest, results will be announced by the following Monday.
  • Goodies/Vouchers whichever are selected for winners will be at the company’s sole discretion.

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Hello Community Members,

Please find below the correct answers to the above questions

  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C

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