Greytribe Quiz | Season 6 | #DAY - 5 | Final Day

Hello Community Members,

:rocket: It’s the final day of the quiz season, and the excitement is soaring! :star2: Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Join now and give it your all for a chance to win fantastic rewards! :trophy::tada:

:bell: Link - [Greytribe Quiz 2.0] Season 6 :: Contest no 80

Community Manager

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:star2: Act now! Only 120 minutes remaining to ace the quiz and make the most out of this month’s opportunity to win exciting rewards! :alarm_clock::fire:

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:alarm_clock: Final Hour Alert! Only 60 minutes left to conquer the Season 6 finale and secure your quiz glory! Don’t miss out on your chance to leave your mark on the leaderboard!

:stopwatch: Heads up! 30 minutes until the Season 6 finale closes. Don’t miss your last chance to participate!

Quiz over, brains full! The Season 6 ends, but the quest for knowledge continues! :sparkles:

The answers may be locked away for now, but the thirst for learning never stops. Thanks :pray: for joining the fun, and don’t forget to come back next season for more brainteasers and awesome prizes! :calendar: :passenger_ship: