Help Me In Drafting Out An Email To The Employees Announcing Pay Cut Due To Covid 19 Out Break

Dear All,

At the outset, hoping everything’s good at each of your end! I wish for good health, safety and well-being for each of you and your family!

I know you might be wondering what the subject of my mail means!! So here’s how I would like to explain it!

You all are aware of the current situation worldwide and the corresponding implications on large and small scale businesses. Your Company is not and exception to this!

This is the time we need to learn how to handle the business in crisis situations. I Know my entire team is working relentlessly to make things happen and to get thru this challenging time together. The primary focus at present is to think of ways to hold on together, not give up and come up with ideas of how can we be successful and sail ahead as a family to the final destination which we always wanted to reach - of building a great company together.

While there are few clouds over us, there is even a ray of sun showing on ‘XYZ co.’!! If it had to put this in simple words it meant that even in the current scenario of Covid-19 outbreak, we can sense positivity as we all know that in the present situation, the importance of Kirana stores has been well established and as a result 'XYZ; is getting its due credit too. Brands both large MNCs and Regional companies are asking us to scale as soon as possible to overcome the impact.

We are also working with their tech teams to integrate backends and they are also ready for their support for store acquisition and tech adoption. We are also in touch with retailers regularly to understand their current challenges and mobilizing support from the brands for them. Also, as many of you know and for those who did not know – Just prior to the Covid lockdown, we were amidst our negotiations with major large players. However, due to unforeseen circumstances things have come to a temporary standstill and aren’t moving fwd as per the expected / desired timelines. Having said this and looking at the positive confirmations of continuing interest from them we expect to close this in near future once the situation gets back to normal.

To summarise, while we are actively trying to cope up with this, it is time when Company needs support from each of you!!. Here’s how we need it: ()Effective 01 March 2020, we will retain with the Company: 1. 5 days of CTC of each employee per month applicable to those who’s monthly CTC is less than / equal to Rs.50,000. 2. 10 days of CTC of each employee per month applicable to those who’s monthly CTC is greater that Rs.50,000. ()The above revision in salary will continue to be in effect until the Company is able to come back with a good cashflow and liquidity which I am optimistic will not be for to long given the confidence I have on our team.

PL NOTE : The Company is not DEDUCTING the salary, we are only RETAINING a part of it in order to enable us to carry on the routine day-to-day operations. This will be paid back to you on a monthly basis once we are in better position with a greater cash flow and liquidity.

I hope you will take this in the right spirit. Pl don’t be disheartened / disappointed as every time shall pass!! And your company will definitely cope up with the business soon after the Covid-19 passes away.

Let us all work together as a team in this tough period and I’m sure we will get thru this!


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