Loss of pay for covid


Could you please help me with the below.
I have been tested covid positive and I was hospitalized for a week. I have taken 16 days leave. My contract company is not paying my 16 days salary now. I spoke to HR and they said it will be loss of pay. Ally savings are already gone for hospital and medicines. How could a company can do this with an employee in this pandemic situation.
Can anyone please suggest me with the policies karnataka government has. What I need to do now.


Hi @Sushmithas

Welcome to the community first of all.

As per the Karnataka Govt Policy - 28 days leaves for COVID 19 patients (this is what they have mentioned, but deadline or till which period is this law applicable was not mentioned).

Considering your situation here - all that I could say is Negotiate with employer - else try to make the LOP spread across months with some internal arrangements that company can make.

This is my opinion on this.

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