Attendance of contract employees!

Hi all! can u tell me how u maintain contract labour employees attendance with OT hours? How HR tally with contractors & shop floor attendence? Thanks.

In my orgn. (where more than 600 contractors are working) we have adopted a 5 layer verification system on daily basis :

1- In the first layer a representative of contractors coordinate for taking initials of each worker in the prescribed column of the register before and after the shift.

  1. In the second layer section wise shop supervisor also maintain a record based on the physical presence of workers

  2. Daily with in half an hour of starting of shift All shop incharges and contractor forwards their attendance report to HR deptt.

4.HR deptt. compares both the reports. Proper investigation is carried out if any deviation is noticed in both the reports.

  1. Beside above we in HR also conduct random surprise checking alongwith the representative of contractor and shop floor incharge There is foolproof system for the same. No doubt security deptt. also plays an important role.