[Introducing-Expert] Namrata Dhasmana

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Namrata Dhasmana will be joining our community as an expert to provide insightful guidance on various aspects of Human Resource Management.

Namrata is a thought leader and a global speaker and carries her brand for Leadership Development and Strategic HR. She is a well-known Influencer and an advocate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

She is an IIM L Alumni after her studies in Strategic Management for Leaders and Alma Connect member at NMIMS with her MBA in NMIMS. She is a Gallup Professional and a Certified Global Coach. Namrata has an exposure in Mining industry, BFSI and ITES and believes in diversification as the key to success in life.

She is a strength-based leader and creates strength-based culture in her capacity. She believes in being a people developer and is a passionate trainer.

Namrata is a contributor in People Matter and is a Global Speaker. She has been invited in all famous Pod Cast Interviews like People Hum, Guiding voice of India etc, Vantage HR and many more. Leadership Development and creating best practices is her forte in HR.

An ex-Army officer who leads a purposeful life and cares about economic development and youth development as a social cause. She is also winner of Indian Achiever Award 2020-21. She has also been featured in Corporate Citizen in May 2021 edition.

Namrata is an ardent reader and enjoys long drive and music in her free time. She is also an adventure loving person, as a skydiver she has jumped from 14,000 feet and led River Rafting Expeditions.

Many of her articles, podcasts and videos are a great source of knowledge. Iā€™m including a few here for a quick read:

Articles by Namrata Dhasmana.
The purpose vs. pay check principle (Video)
Everything About Strength-Based Leadership And Culture (Video)

We feel honoured to host Ms. Namrata Dhasmana in the community. Our community members are privileged to be able to get insights from one of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry.

Post to Namrata Dhasmana at @NamrataDhasmana

Thank you :bouquet: :bouquet:


Welcome @NamrataDhasmana


Happy to welcome one of the prominent Thought leaders and Speakers in the community.

Do watch the recent webinar where Namrata Dhasmana was one of the speakers.

How to structure HR Policies that are relevant to the unique needs of your organisation

[FREE Parichay Webinar] Structure HR Policies that are relevant to the unique needs of your organization - General Discussions - greytHR Community

In case you have questions after watching the video recording, feel free to ask in the community and mention @+NamrataDhasama. Our expert will be happy to assist you.

Thanks all.

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