Is there any way I can hold 50% salary for employees on Notice period

I have a specific use case where I want to hold some percent or specific amount from an employee’s Net payment as he/she is on notice period.

Is there some way, I can credit partial salary within the payroll cycle & rest clear on fnF




Yes, we can do this. We need to create a few components to handle this.

  • Create a component under deduction(like “Salary withhold” and update the value which you want to hold for that month.
  • Create an accumulation component under calculations fields and Accumulate the Salary withhold component value till the final settlement of the employee.
  • Create a component under Gross which will be paid out automatically on the settlement month.

You can get in touch with the support team if you want it to be configured on your site.


Thanks for mentioning, Actually support team on call told me it is not possible, Let me share the logic with them to help them understand & implement the same within my infra. thanks & cheers!!!

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