Japanese Companies Hire 'Weeping Boys' To Help Comfort Employees!

An unconventional approach to reducing workplace stress is being implemented in Tokyo offices. People in Japan can hire Ikemeso Danshi services, which provides attractive companions known as “Handsome Weeping Boys,” for 7,900 yen (approximately $4,400).

Aside from their outward appearance, these tear-wiping professionals are challenging societal norms by providing comfort through shared tears and establishing emotional connections in the workplace.

Hiroki Terai became interested in the industry after witnessing the profound impact of collective weeping. This unique initiative, founded on the principle of rui-katsu, or “tear-seeking,” seeks to create an environment in which emotional expression is not only tolerated but embraced and honored.

Customers can access a diverse range of “Ikemeso boys,” which have been meticulously selected and presented in an online catalog. From the rugged ‘Showa face adult Ikemeso boy’ to the refined ‘healing Mista-Tokyo Ikemeso boy,’ each professional is skilled at wiping away tears, participating in communal sobbing sessions, and even watching heartbreaking videos until emotions are expressed.

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