Leave Rules For Security Guards

Dear Team,

Please advise leave rules for security guards. I have 3 security guards on rolls company. And since they have joined, they are working 24x7. If they have to take any leave also for any emergency, it marks as LOP.

This rule is going on even before my joining here. Now, i want to understand what is best and what can be done for them?

Kindly advise.


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Dear All,

Awaiting your valuable input to this.


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Hi @Shwetagrover

Irrespective of the permanent employee or contract employee leaves are due liabilities of an employer. For example, every 20 working days 1 day of leave can be given which is the bottom line number of leaves to be granted.

If you refer to the link shared below, complete documentation of leave rules in INDIA state-wise is available.
Link: https://www.greythr.com/leave-management/leave-types/

For leave policy templates: https://www.greythr.com/resources/policy-templates/1

Hope this should help to get started.

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hi @Dinesh , in this case, are security guards also eligible for EL, being on roll employees?

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Yes, @Shwetagrover

We can call it under a single umbrella as EL or AL and give additional sick leaves on Qtryly basis.

Example: 1.5 EL every month = 18 a year and additional 6 sick leaves (1.5 every Qtr).

Should serve the purpose for now.

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And what about CL? Why SL needs to count as 6?

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SL kind of leave is mandatory for an employee on roll. If SL need not be given separately, then they can be segregated like 12 EL and 6 SL but SL should be there in the leave policy.

In scenarios like - SL can be availed on the same day without prior information, but EL can be brought a policy like 2 days before permission is required considering their shift policy.

CL is an add-on - every year an employee is eligible for 18 leaves bare minimum which can be classified into various buckets if required - like I said above.

If you want to give more than 18 absolutely fine, but minimum 18 to 24 is mandatory irrespective of state we are in.

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Is there any supporting policy to carry forward minimum or maximum leave to next year.



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Thanks Dinesh, much appreciated the way you come forward and help us all.

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Hi @Govardhan

Yes, there are.

Link: https://www.greythr.com/leave-management/leave-types/

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