Regarding Leave policy - Need clarification on TN leave policy

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Could anyone please provide me in-depth information to understand leave policy (CL/SL/EL) as per the Tamil Nadu Government? Is it mandatory to provide 36days leave per year - excluding company declared holidays?

36days off plus 9/10 days company holidays is almost 46 days time-off to employees (who is a good benefit for employees) but a pinch for employers. How is this being managed by companies where employees work in time and material or fixed contract model.

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Hi Jayashree,

Please find the leave details as per act.

Type of Leaves | Numbers |

  • | - |
    PL/EL | 12 |
    SL | 12 |
    CL | 12 |

Out of the leave only EL/PL can be carried forward SL & CL cannot be carried forward and will lapse by end of the year. And the leave declared above are in addition to government holidays(10Days)

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should it be 10days company holidays or can it be 9days?

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Dear Jayashree,
EL/PL, SL and CL are the different types of leave which are to be mandatorily given in every calendar year to the persons employed in establishments coming under the purview of the State Shops and Establishments Act. They are over and above the National and Festival holidays or any other holidays declared under any other Law as well as under the discretion of the employer.

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Hi JaishreeVignesh,

For us, we are giving 9 declared holidays and 3 Restricted Holidays (employees can choose).

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With regard to earned leave, the employee is eligible for 12 days leave on completion of one year.

Usually, the leave is credited every Jan. In case an employee has joined in March 2022 when should we credit the leave to the employee and how many days should be credited?

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Please check whether your establishment is under the Shops act or Factories Act. If not under shops the number of leaves owed will come down.
Thank you

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It is under shops & Estd Act.

I need clarification on how the leave should be credited to the employee account.


Andrew Cyril.,
V.P.Strategic Alliances.

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