List of 25 fastest-growing jobs in India ! 👷‍♂️

With 88% of professionals in India looking for a new job in 2024, the new year marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Jobs on the Rise list released by LinkedIn features the 25 fastest-growing jobs over the past five years. It also uncovers the trends defining where the workforce is headed and insight into emerging opportunities — whether you’re looking to make a pivot, jump back into the workforce, or invest in skills to level up your career. Check out the 25 fastest-growing jobs in India:

1. Closing Manager

This job role is available with real estate projects. Those employed as closing managers are responsible for duties ranging from site visits and follow-ups to documentation and striking deals.

2. Influencer Marketing Specialist

Social media has a vital role in boosting brand visibility and engagement. Influencer marketing specialists identify and work on campaigns around influencers and social media partners.

3. Design Specialist

To increase brand awareness, cater to customer and business needs, and aid sales, design specialists work across different mediums like digital and print.

4. Drone Pilot

People deployed as drone pilots are needed to take care of the operation and management of drones including overseeing their detection and tracking, performance, and safety protocols.

5. Recruiter

Those who work in a recruiter profile have a crucial role in meeting the company’s hiring requirements and searching for the right talent. Their responsibilities encompass reviewing job applications, evaluating prospective candidates for available positions, and coordinating interview schedules.

6. Sales Development Representative

Sales development representatives serve as a bridge between potential customers and sales executives. They are tasked with reaching out to potential customers, assessing alignment, and upon qualification, connecting them further with sales executives.

7. Demand Generation Associate

Demand generation associates employ marketing and sales strategies to cultivate customer interest and acquisition, promoting the company’s offerings.

8. Customs Officer

They are government officials responsible for maintaining law and order for cross-border visitation, travel, and goods exchange.

9. Growth Manager

Growth managers formulate and execute strategies to drive growth and expansion of an an organisation through marketing, sales, and business development efforts.

10. Investor Relations Manager

As an investor relations manager, you will be responsible for maintaining communication with the company’s shareholders and investors by keeping them updated with the financial data and progress.

11. Political Analyst

If you love to connect and speak with people to understand the ground reality then this job is for you. As a political analyst, you are supposed to research social as well as political subject matters, issues, and policies, to gather data, predict possible trends, and produce reports.

12. Delivery Consultant

Delivery consultants analyse a company’s technological processes to identify potential gaps and areas for enhancement, ensuring the seamless operation of business activities.

13. Client Advisor

They offer business and investment-related guidance to clients with risk management and decision making.

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14. Creative Strategist

This job role makes you responsible for conceptualising and developing campaigns that boost a company’s marketing strategies by utilising analytical and creative skills.

15. Chief Revenue officer

Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) manage the complete revenue cycle of a company, focusing on enhancing sales, fostering growth, and optimizing overall gains.

16. Campaign Associate

They work on developing and implementing campaigns by creating presentations, maintaining budgets, managing communications, reviewing related content and recording results.

17. Sustaninability Manager

The role of sustainability manager has come to fire after companies have started adopting sustainable policies at the workplace. They conduct research and analysis to assess the company’s impact on the environment, drive necessary efforts, and maintain adherence to compliance policies.

18. Customer Success Executive

Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Customer success executives focus on comprehending customer needs to deliver the necessary support and services, enhancing their overall experience.

19. Media Buyer

Media buyers assess market trends, identify target audiences, and develop relevant strategies to negotiate and buy advertising space.

20. Quantitave Developer

Quantitative developers offer software assistance to financial institutions by crafting platforms and applications while optimizing data accessibility.

21. Fund Analyst

Similar to job titles like investment analyst and hedge fund analyst, fund analysts research financial data and assess economic and market trends, scope of earnings, and company assets to make suitable investment recommendations.

22. Proposal Writer

Proposal writers leverage their research and writing skills to compose company documents and proposals, ensuring adherence to pertinent requirements and guidelines

23. Product Security Engineer

Product security engineers maintain the security standards of a product, test them for potential breaches and threats, and provide relevant solutions.

24. BIM Technician

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technicians work in the civil engineering space and create digital models and representations of proposed construction projects using software.

25. Insights Analyst

Insights analysts thoroughly analyze customer behavior and preferences and provide feedback to assist the company in making informed business decisions.

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