Location Change

Is it mandatory or is there any specific rule for an employeer to make changes in Salary for an employee if employee work location is changed?

This will have an impact of T&C’s of appointment.

  • If Employee is already being informed in Appointment Letter that he can be Transfer to any location at no additional Salary, then you are not bound to pay him

  • In another case, Employer is expected to pay City Compensatory Allowance to help employee to overcome additional burden due to change of location

Some Employers also pay Onetime Relocation Cost as per Grade and as per City.

Ultimately, Your Policies defines answer to such questions.

Wrt Payroll - PT will be deducted as per New Location if you have Office in that Location & if employee is covered under ESIC then you will need to create sub-code and Update his location and nearest dispensary details so he can avail ESIC benefits at transferred location also

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