LWF (Labour Welfare Fund) Eligibility/ Applicability - Maharashtra & Delhi

Our company has been operating for around 28 years and we comply with Professional Tax, ESIC, and EPF regulations. However, we have not been paying Labour Welfare Fund (LWF). We have 60 employees on direct payroll. My Question is :-

  1. How can we start LWF contributions for our employees in Delhi and Mumbai?
  2. Are there any penalties we need to be aware of for not having paid LWF in the past?
  3. Please suggest the next steps we should take to ensure compliance with LWF regulations.
  1. LWF is aplplicable for both the states.
  2. Usually penalties will be applied if there are dues. Please check with concerned offices for details and procedure
  3. You can find the amount particulars here. Would suggest to understand the provisions here before approaching LWF Administrators

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