Maharashtra New Shop and Establishment Act compliance for our 65 number employees pvt company

Hi Team,

We are 65 numbers employees Pvt company in Maharashtra and having registered certificate. Need clarifications for below queries.

  1. Is the Maharashtra Shop and Establishment Act is revised?
  2. Whether the new wage policy introduced?
  3. IS it indicated the as table for un-skilled, semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled for each applicable amount as per the Act in Maharashtra?
  4. IS it indicated the details of allowances like overtime, travel etc as minimum?
  5. What is the cut off date to comply?
  6. Can GreytHR helps to revise the payroll to comply for new policy as per the Act in Maharashtra?

Please clarify.

Senthil Kumar R

Please find ceetain facts based on publicly available information

  1. There were certain revisions and one of the latest change effected on 23 March 2022. Please refer the Maharashtra Shops & Est Act page in our wiki
  2. New wage policy will be introduced but the lauch date is not officially declared
  3. Which Act? Wage code or any other act
  4. Which Act? Wage code or any other act
  5. The parliament has passed the new labour codes, but as labour is a subject in the Concurrent List of the Constitution, the states need to notify the rules under the new codes. So far no such circular is out and hence the cut off date is not available