Mandatory work from home for employees; Employer situations

Hi All,

I have been reading of certain unexpected scenarios caused because of this extraordinary situation. Found this question relevant and need to be addressed.

Companies may have the right to restrict employees from coming to work. A bigger lot has adjusted to the newer situations. However there have been scenarios where employees in the long run have wanted to come to work (on basis of multiple personal factors).

How can employers reduce being accused of treating employees unfairly by enforcing work from home? What are some ways employers can bring clarity on this?

Please share your thoughts.



Hi Nisha,

A relevant discussion point. As a general understanding, every employer would plan first for the safety and well being of their employees. However, employees feeling otherwise due to multiple reasons is also a valid concern.

The are no one kind of answers for this. Some of the things that can be done are-

First thing- In order to avoid being accused of treating employees unfairly by enforcing work from home, it is recommended to have a written policy that is distributed to all employees.

  • The policy can be based on objective criteria. It may specify that employees should not return to work for at least 14 days after returning from travel, or if he or she tests positive for COVID-19.

  • If an employer decides to send an employee home due to health concerns, the employee should be informed of the reasons why. Such decisions should be carefully documented.

  • Employers should also be mindful of protecting employees’ personal medical information to the extent possible.

This can be discussed further with more in depth points.