Maternity leave as per Shop & establishment act

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Can anyone confirm how many Maternity leave as per shop & establishment act with Maharashtra government notification.

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You have to follow Maharashtra Maternity Benefit Rules


Duration of Maternity Leave: The Maternity Benefit Act provides for a maternity leave of 26 weeks, which can be availed before and after childbirth. However, in case of a woman having two or more children, the duration of maternity leave may be reduced.


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Thanks for the reply.

Can you share the notification?

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Maternity Act changes 26 weeks occured long back, let me check for the notification

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Here is the Gazette Notification by Ministry of Law and Justice.

Also refer Chapter IV of MAHARASHTRA ACT No. LXI OF 2017

Leave with Pay and Payment of Wages
18 (8) For the purpose of sub-section (3)
(b) in the case of a woman worker, maternity leave as provided for in the Maternity Benefits Act, 1961;