Merge both the UAN accounts


Employee has two UAN numbers now. One from previous organization and one from new organization. Previous organization is closed now.
(Employee tried merging both UAN online but they say they were asked attestation from previous employer )

Can that cause a issue with transfer and merging of accounts? How can this merging be solved?

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  • Only the way, employee has to visit EPFO and requesting to apply the merging of existing UAN to new UAN.
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They can transfer online from the old UAN to the New UAN account and it can be attested by the current employer also.

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Can we transfer old all uan nos directly to existing


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At any point in time, having two UAN numbers is not legally correct.
Employee has to immediately report it to EPFO and get it corrected.

Usually, they will transfer all the amount from the EPF account linked to the old UAN and deactivate the same.
All the contributions will be transferred to the new UAN number.