MSME renewal is online or will be online in short time?


Our MSME registration / NSIC certificate need to be renewed shortly. Can anyone tell me whether any option available to renew online?

And, current certificate which is valid till September end is given any extension of validity due to present scenario?

Thanx / regards
Senthil Kumar R

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Sure @senthil we can definitely help you on this, and our In-house Legal Expert will help you for the same in a short while.

In the meanwhile, if you can tell us more about the city and any other information that would be relevant for the expert to answer will be appreciated.

Thanx Dinesh for your response…
We are operating from Navi Mumbai. Every year we used to renew by submitting renewal documents and keep following up and it is to take considerable time for the processing and meanwhile there will be inspection/audit etc etc.

Our certification is valid till september 2020. i thought, why not online renewal at this time of digital india and it will save lot of time.


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Hi Senthil,

As of now, NSIC renewal process is offline. There is no notification on the time extension so far.

Only the MSME registration is online.

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Hi Bhuvana,

OK…Thanx a lot…

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