My Community Profile

Where do I find my community profile?

At the top right of the every community page there are these three buttons for Search, the quick menu, and your user profile page.


Let’s now browse through the various options within your community profile.

User Profile


Click on the User Profile button to see your community profile.

Here all your community activity is captured, summarized and available for additional customization.

Summary | Activity | Messages | Drafts | Preferences | Log Out

To view your community activity at a glance click on Summary



  • Shows the number of days visited by you

  • How long have you spent reading content?

  • How many topics have been viewed by you?

  • How many posts have been read by you?

  • How many likes have you given to user content?

  • How many topics have been created by you?

  • How many posts have been created by you?

  • How many likes have you received by you?


    Your replies marked as top replies by the community users


    Your replies marked as top topics by the community users


    Your links posted marked as top links.


    Posts you have most activity on




    All the badges earned by you will be displayed here.

    Then we have the Activity button to view your community activity in more details.


  • Topics

    Question posted by you will be showed here.

  • Replies

    Your replies to posts will be showed here

  • Drafts

    In case you need more time to research and post, we have the Draft feature just for you!

    All your draft replies will be showed here. Come back again and post your content in the community.

  • Likes

    Found some good content!

    Show some love, like it.

    All the posts you have liked will be shown here

  • Bookmarks

    Found a interesting content for repeat read and reference!

    Go ahead and bookmark the post.

All the bookmarked posts are shown here; bookmarks allow you to quickly refer to those posts.

  • Accepted solutions

    Need to see if your replies have been marked as solution.

    Find it here.

  • Private Messages

I was notified that I have a private message, what does that mean?

If you receive a private message, it means that the moderator/ admin needs to address your question or issue in private or requires information that may be more personal (such as an email address or account details). Only you and community moderators/admins can see the contents of the private message - other community members cannot see it.

How do I get badges on my profile page?

They will appear automatically as they are earned.

Need to update your User name or Profile picture?

Make the changes under Preferences

All your account preferences are managed here:


Account | Profile | Emails | Notifications | Categories | Users | Tags | Interface

You can make changes to your

  • Username [ People can mention you as @ ]

  • Profile Picture

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Password

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Here you will also be able to see the details of-

  • Recently Used Devices

    After making your edits, confirm by-

  • Save Changes

Read here:

My Community Notifications, Bookmarks & Private Messages
Searching the Community

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