GreytHR Community Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Community

How do I join GreytHR Community?

Refer these articles to SignUp and Login

Getting Started - Sign Up
Account Activation
How to Login?

Searching the Community

  • How do I find information on greytHR Community?
  • Can I refine my search?

Read the article for steps- Searching the Community

Someone posted my question, but it hasn’t been answered yet.


Asking a Question

How do I create a question ?

If you’ve searched the community and you can’t find a question or topic that is the same or similar to yours, it’s time to post your own.

What are the best practices for creating a post?

  • Make the title as descriptive as possible.
  • Put your post in the right category by choosing appropriate tags.
  • Add an image to support your post where appropriate.
  • If you have supporting artifacts, attach them.
  • @mention others to draw them into the post.
  • Take ownership of your post by responding to replies promptly and thoughtfully.
  • If a reply has answered your question mark it as the Accepted Solution so others will know.
  • Be respectful.
  • Don’t post anything confidential.

What is the difference between a question post and a Idea post?

-Question posts are used to get an answer or solution to a specific question or issue.

Ideas posts are used to share product ideas and see how many supporters you could acquire.

Both types of posts have the same formatting and similar options. The most noticeable exception is that no answer-marking is needed or available on ideas posts.


What’s an idea ?

Ideas can include anything from new product requests to suggestions about how to improve a product or service. Everyone in the community can see and vote on the ideas. Idea exchanges offer 3 types of ideas:

Hot ideas (popular right now)
Top ideas (received the most likes)
New ideas (most recent)

Adding an idea is just like posting a message on a board, and voting for ideas is like giving likes. You can post comments on ideas the same way you do on blog articles. Your community might use labels to help organize related or similar ideas, and assign a status to each idea so you know which ideas might be considered or implemented.

Contributing to the Community

Your Profile

Read more about your community profile here:

My Community Profile

Supported Browsers

To take advantage of all GreyTribe Community features, use a supported browser.

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Internet Explorer

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

In general, GreyTribe Community supports the current and previous major releases of each browser. This enables us to provide new features made possible by modern browser technologies.

Bookmarks & Subscriptions

How do I use bookmarks?

Bookmarks enable you to list community content (boards, articles, ideas, topics, or individual posts) on a special page so you can easily find it again.

To bookmark a piece of content:

  • Go to the item you want to bookmark.

  • To bookmark a location, choose (Location) Options > Bookmark.

  • To bookmark a specific post, go to the post and choose (Post) Options > Bookmark.

To view and manage your bookmarks:

  • Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.

  • Click My Bookmarks.

  • You can click a bookmark to go to the item.

To delete a bookmark, click the check box for the bookmark and click Bookmark Options > Delete Selected Bookmarks.

How do I use subscriptions?

Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you’re interested in. You can subscribe to a board, a blog article, an idea , or any other location in the community. You can also subscribe to a specific post.

To subscribe a piece of content:

  • Go to the item you want to subscribe to.

  • To subscribe to a location, click (Location) Options > Subscribe.

  • To subscribe to a specific post, go to the post and click (Post) Options > Subscribe

To view and manage your subscriptions:

  • Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.

  • Click My Subscriptions to see a list of the items you’ve subscribed to.

  • You can click a subscription to go to the item

To delete a subscription, click the check box for the subscription and click Email Subscription Options > Delete Selected Subscriptions.

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