No info on previous employment details


What is the process if employee could not/did not submit previous employment details?
can we go ahead with the only available information or mandatorily request more?

Please advise


It all depends on your company hiring policy. The question of realiability of the employee previous employement arises. You cannot consider his previous employement credentials. Anyone may come and say that they are experienced and can be hired for higher positon. It is not advisable to hire such people.


It is always advised to verify Past Employment Records and do reference check as well. We can get to know the right reason for leaving the old organisation.

Nothing then atleast his Resignation Letter and Receiving letter from previous organisation is must.


@Swati Its better to collect all the necessary information/documents of an employee. If not there should be a valid reason for not having such important documents in his career. Nowadays there are lot of forged documents being submitted to get a job. Only reputed Back Verification team/vendor can help identify the genuineness.

Nagaraj J


True agree with @Nagarajpillai

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Hi @Ankit @Dinesh @Bharath @Nagarajpillai

Very informative inputs here. We agree to all the above suggestion. We also have a similar question-

So if the previous employer did not provide income tax calculation of the employee in that case how we should mention his salary taxable part after exemption?


Any employee changing jobs in the middle of the year has to declare his previous employment income in Form 12B prescribed by the Income-tax department.

Attaching the same for your easy reference.Form 12B - Previous Employer Income.pdf (51.8 KB)

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