Onboarding and Exit Process

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Since the pandemic life do not look like ending soon. Employees are still away from offices.

  1. How is everyone managing the new joining and exit processes?
  2. Is it all done completely virtually? Are employees requested to be available in office for the completing document work?
  3. How are office assets provided and collected back?

If you followed a new innovative ways to complete the process. please share inputs.


Hi @Nisha

We didn’t have much activity on this front. But I found a few good reads earlier related to this conversation

Most of the options being virtual ones.

I am sure here HR members will have more to share on this topic. Wait to hear from others…


Hi Nisha,

With the pandemic still going on and turning for the worst, many office still prefer to remain closed thereby forcing their staff to work from home or from remote locations. In these conditions, many business deals are happening virtually and through electronic media. Likewise, many processes including that of HR are also happening virtually. Interviews are happening over video calls, offers are being finalized over emails, joining dates are negotiated over phones and finally, when it comes to onboarding, the same medium is being followed. For instance, just a couple of days ahead of joining, new employees are required to come over briefly to the office to collect basic equipment such as laptops, dongle, phones, brochures, contact details, etc. They may also be required to submit additional personal documents like educational certificates, proof of address, bank details, etc at that time. Some organisations even courier the whole package to the doorstep of the employees if they are staying at remote locations and are unable to reach the office premises. On the date of joining, employees are asked to join the onboarding session conducted by HR personnel via Zoom or MS Teams or Google Meet.
Exit process too practically happens in the same way where discussions happen with the Manager over phone or video call and finally resignation letter is sent over email. Exit interviews with the HR team too happens for the records over a video call. On the last working day, employee walks in to hand over office equipment, if any, or couriers it over to the office. Service / relieving letters & final settlements are sent to the employee via email and that ends the process.
Trust this helped.

Vinod Gulvady.


In our Organization, we are doing virtual onboarding and exits for all outside Bangalore. Soft copy of letters are being shared and assets are being couriered.

In case the new joiner is in Bangalore and can travel to office for few hours, we are asking them to collect the asset from office. Documentation work is all virtual and most are through our greytHR portal.

Similar is the case with our exiting employees.


How can we do Documentation through Greyt HR portal?


Hi Nisha,

We can do documentation using the greytHR Onboard module. Please refer to the below link for more details about the process.

greytHR Onboard Module

greytHR Onboard