Petrol Allowance

What is the latest fuel re-imbursement rate in Bangalore?

Need to know for both two wheeler and four wheeler. Thanks in advance.


Hi @PCSPL14052

For cars

  • Engine capacity above 1600cc - Rs 2,400 per month
  • Engine capacity above 1600cc - Rs 1,800 per month
  • Driver’s salary - Rs 900 per month

Two wheeler if used partly for official purpose and partly for personal purpose, reimbursement up to Rs.900 is tax free and the balance reimbursements, if any is taxable.

To learn more: What makes fuel allowance one of the most relevant employee tax benefits.

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Thanks for your information.

But I need to know, now what is the general rate is taken into consideration for giving per km reimbursement. Earlier it was around Rs. 2 / Km for two wheeler.

kindly let me know what are the general rules are followed by maximum companies.


Around Rs. 3.5 / Rs.4 per KM for 2 wheelers
Rs. 8 for Four wheelers


ok…Thanks for your information.


Yes! It’s anywhere between 3 to 4 in general for 2 wheeler and 8 for cars.

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