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What is the Difference between PTEC ( Profession Tax Enrollment Certificate)and PTRC ( Profession Tax Registration Certificate) ? Is it applicable for all states establishments to obtain with above certificates ?

The PTRC and PTEC are two difference certificates that are commonly required by a business operating in India. PTRC stands for Professional Tax Registration Certificate, and PTEC stands for Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate. A business usually requires both to conduct business.

The function of a PTRC is to allow the employer to deduct and deposit professional tax to and from the salary of its employees. The PTEC, on the other hand, allows the company to pay the company’s and their director’s professional tax. Hence, a regular company required both, a PTRC and a PTEC, as by law it has to pay its own professional tax, as well as the professional tax for all its employees. However, in instances where a company does not have any payable employees, then they will only require a PTEC, and not a PTRC. This is especially the case for professional practitioners such as CAs, Doctors, Advocates, Architects, etc. They usually have their own registered practices, but may not have employees that meet the criteria for professional tax.

The regulations regarding PTRC and PTEC differ as per state, as well as the process of registering for the certificates. However, the common process is that a form must be submitted online by uploading it electronically to the website. After submission, a confirmation must be downloaded and must be submitted along with other document proofs such as copy of PAN card, Proof of the Constitution of Business, Proof of the Residence of the Partners, Director & Proprietor, Proof of the Place of Business (Address Proof), Blank Cancelled Cheque, Shop and Establishment Certificate, as well as the PAN and PTEC Details of all the Partners or Directors and the details of the number of employees and their salary slabs. The process for registration is usually the same for both PTRC and PTEC, in fact they can be registered for on the same form and at the same time.

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