RBI's new rules on auto debits on digital payment methods


How RBI’s new auto debit rules is impacting your payments? What is the fix?


Hi Sandeep,

We have dozens of SaaS subscriptions, media subscriptions, etc., and they have all been disrupted due to the new RBI mandate. Especially international services and media.

A few services were blocked (e.g., Figma), and then we had to get them reactivated till the billing issue gets sorted. By and large, the vendors are very understanding and helping us cope with this problem. But, at least one large vendor didn’t care and wants us to move to an annual premium plan that is quite outrageous.

We are engaging with these vendors to do one of the following:

  1. send us a one-time payment link which we can pay through a credit card
  2. convert to an annual payment with a bank/wire transfer (need to handle the taxation aspects, or it will cost you more)
  3. identify a local reseller or vendor who can front-end in India
  4. discontinue the service and opt for alternatives

I hope this helps.

What sort of auto-debit payments do you have?


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