Telangana Leave Policy clarification

Dear All,

Could anyone please provide me in-depth information to understand leave policy (CL/SL/EL) as per the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act for and IT Company since they are 5day working in a week. Also how many mandatory leaves we have to consider and which will be carryforward and for how many years.

Pls help me out in this regard.



Please refer our Shops Act Ready Reckoner

For more details, please refer our wiki page


Thank You Mr. Sree.

As per my understanding the total leaves should be 39 including CL, SL, EL.
But I have observed IT Companies are giving only 20Leaves with 6-CL,6-SL, EL-8/10.
So Iā€™m confused about leave policy in IT Companies as they are working 5days a week.

For other companies since they work 48hours a week, the above leave policy is okay. What about IT Companies?

I need some help to help my friend in this regard,

Thank you.



IT Services are all coming under the scope of Shops and Commercial Establishment Act. Please refer the act and rules given in the wiki (stated the leave with wages protocols). Unlike many other state rules, for Telangana, there is a rule that specifies earned leave encashment as well.

Regarding practice, I strongly recommend to consult a labour law advisor before rolling out any leave policy.