Retention Strategies For Employees in IT

Hi Team,

Request your inputs for employee retention strategies in an IT setup which can motivate workforce positively.


Should have proper onboarding process like 1-week process, 2-week process etc.Also orientation with head of operations and employee engagement activities etc.


Hi @Mrunal

It’s always challenging when it comes to retention as every employee is unique and the culture of the Org. but some strategies that are very common are:

  1. Salary & Benefits that can attract an employe
  2. Right Training & Orientation with clear policies and DRI’s to reach out for him
  3. Have a clear cut OKR / Goal for him to achieve and enjoy the benefits of achievement and move forward
  4. Have a clear cut career path explaining the progress towards which he can move forward in the Org.
  5. A good learning platform for employees to learn / can also be a reimbursement model for employees to learn and gain certifications on their area of interest.
  6. R&R

Are some I can share from my end.

But again some of these might work or even might not work as it’s purely scenario based :slight_smile:


Hi @Jhansi

Nice to see after a long time :slight_smile: Welcome back :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jhansi . I can totally relate with your comment as I used to be the onboarding SPOC in my last company and the way employee at 1st day experience defines a lot for him and company both. It makes everlasting impressions about company environment, people and structure.


Many Thanks @Dinesh . I agree and some of it we are already following in our current company.


True @Mrunal

Do try out and let us know your feedback and experience.

Will be of real help to some one.

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