HR Induction - Training Program For New Joiner

We are rapidly growing small scale IT company. I want to design a week training program for new joiners in ‘Human Resource Team’, after first day of generalize Induction. Kindly suggest me the content / Topic to be covered under the same. 1. Going through certain process and policies as mandate 2. Some presentations on behavioral aspects 3. Any assignment or case studies to solve 4. Introduction to know basics of certain tools like as advanced excel etc. Can you please share your opinions, in terms further additions and specific content/ structure for the above.

A successful employee induction process provides a chance for organizations to easily sell themselves to new employees. If done correctly, it can significantly increase the retention of staff and reduce the time it takes for a new employee to settle into their new work environment. A good employee induction process can lead to happier employees, and hence increase the productivity of a firm. This article will explain what induction is, its benefits, and what makes a good induction program.

Some of the goals of a typical induction training process include:

• Creating a positive atmosphere
• Addressing any new job concerns
• Increasing comfort and the feeling of belonging
• Increasing knowledge of the organization as well as its procedures and policies
• Sharing the values of the organization and any job-specific information

The Benefits of Induction Training Research conducted by Digicast shows that companies which fail to conduct proper inductions risk losing new employees at a faster rate.

About 25% of new employees decide to leave their new firm within the first week, and by the third month, this rate increases to 47%.

Induction enables new recruits to become productive as quickly as possible. Many companies have discovered that the cost of not training is higher than the cost of training, and hence there is a higher risk in choosing not to train new employees into the business.

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