Section 80(D) Medical Health Check Up

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Please suggest the below :

A query related to Section 80(D) – Medical Health Check Up for Parents (Sr. Citizens)

  1. Does this have to a specific health single check up Bill issued by a testing centre or will a cumulative bill over the year for various checks like Blood Sugar, Scans, Investigations qualify subject to limit to INR 5000.00
  2. Is INR 5000 on Health Check Up available beyond the available limit of INR 50000 on Section 80D for Health Insurance Premiums

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We can submit multiple medicals bills with in the financial year date can employee can claim up to Rs.5000.
Yes.5000/- is excluded from 80 D exemption for 50000/-

Hi Suresh,

Can the general medical bills of medicines can be accepted under this 80 D up to a limit of 5000 INR or does it have to be a check up bills?



applicable for regular checkups, scan,xray etc will be applicable .

How about regular medical bills – General Medicine?



  • General Medical bills & lab testes not allowed under Preventive health checkup.

  • Medical expenditure on the health of Resident very senior citizen for whom no amount is paid to effect via Health Insurances can be claimed

Thanks Ankit. This makes sense.



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