Settlement delay due to lock down


A full and final settlement related suggestion needed.

Majority of employees of company are are spread out across all over India, and with more local lockdowns its becoming very difficult to get office assets in time and F&F settlement is not happening in expected days.

What would be better ways to for a HR to manage this? please share solved experiences


Hi @Chitra

I have read in a lot of forums people facing the same issues.

Sharing some suggestions that I have read across:

  • Make changes to your existing FnF policy and Exit checklist in accordance to current need (since wage code is delayed to implement, your free to make these changes in FnF).
  • Look out for ways to collect assets from employee (likely ask them to handover with near by employee or partner with courier agencies)
  • Rest all other formalities can be done online, so a proper tool in place should help.
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