Overtime Policy in IT Company - TELANGANA

Hi team,
Could anyone help me with the Overtime Policy for IT Company in Telangana. I found as per Labour Act mentioned for 48hours working in a week. But IT Company is 5 day a week so how to implement Overtime policy?

Any suggestions pls.



IT firms come under Telangana Shops And Commenrcial Establishment Act & Rules and usually there is a standard weekly cut off 48 hours and overtime may be applicable whatever extra. However by considering the nature of work, IT firms are not practicing OT much. Instead of OT, firms use compensatory off or some flexible arrangements if there are a lot many occurences of employees working beyond regualar workhours.

OT policies can make some impact in workplaces where a lot of transactional work happen in a fixed time duration or 100% person availability is required for service (for example, billing counter, hospital staff, relay operator, driver, security, order booking etc)

Let’s hear from our fellows in greytribe :thinking:


Thank you Mr.Sree for your inputs. But in IT company, is following 8hrs working per day and 1hr break time. If they are working for 5day week, the standard working hours is 40hrs only. And addition to this we want to implement Overtime policy inline with the Telangana Labour Policy.

If anyone from IT Company reply it will highly appreciated.