Top 3 winners of the Greytribe Quiz 2.0 - Season 5 💥

Hello Community Members,

Hope you are doing well.

We have the top 3 winners of the Greytribe Quiz 2.0 season 5 who will be receiving lucky goodie box. Kindly note that we had 7 participants scoring 20 out of 20 and hence we had to conduct a lucky draw. Here are the names of the top 3 winners this time. The rest of them will be getting Amazon gift vouchers of INR 350 per winner. + 50% discount on our best-selling Udemy courses.

Username Name Top 3 winners
Raileen1 20
Nehat Neha Tyagi 20
kavitha1980 Kavitha 20

The other 4 who will be receiving INR 350 + 50% discounted Udemy courses are -

Username Name Correct response
vikashbtpl Vikash Kumar 20
nandakumar Nanda Kumar G 20
chetanmurgkar Chetan Murgkar 20
annette Annette 20

Don’t be disheartened in case you didn’t win the goodie box. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:. Keep participating and you will also get an opportunity to possess the amazing goodie box.

Note -

Requesting the top 3 winners to share their delivery addresses by mailing us at Kindly note that you share the complete address without any mistakes as we won’t be able to re-deliver the goodie box in case of any error.

We would need the following details -

1. Full Name -
2. Contact Number -
3. Address -
4. Pin Code -

Come and join together to congratulate all the winners :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: :tada: :trophy: :medal_sports:

Keep participating and you can also get a chance to become the lucky one who can get the amazing goodie box. Stay tuned for our next Greytribe Quiz next month starting on 8th Jan 2024.

Community Manager.