Top 3 winners of the Greytribe Quiz 3.0 - Season 4 💥

Dear Greytribe Community,

We hope this message finds you well and brimming with energy! :star2:

Exciting news is here! :tada: We’re thrilled to announce the top 3 winners of Greytribe Quiz 3.0 Season 4! :trophy: These lucky individuals were selected from our participants and will each receive a fantastic goodie box. :gift: Without further ado, let’s reveal the names of our top achievers! :sparkles: As a token of our appreciation to all participants, we’re offering an amazing 50% discount on our top Udemy courses! :shopping::books:

Username Name Top 3 winners
Ananth Ananth 20
Sitasingh Sita 20
Sreeja Sreeja Girish 20

Others who will only gift vouchers are -

Username Name Correct response
agrawalekta EKTA AGRAWAL 20
AmruthR Amruth 20
Bharat Bharat 20
CD00224 20
Chandan Chandan 20
Chandersingh Chander 20
Chandru Chandru 20
chetanmurgkar Chetan Murgkar 20
CS17018 Chetan A D 20
Daksh Daksh Singh 20
dhanushh Dhanush 20
dikshant Dikshant Sharma 20
dreamer dreamer 20
Ganapathi Ganapathi B 20
Geetakumari Geeta 20
govindkumar Govind kumar 20
Hemant1 Hemant 20
hr_pinki Pinki Mathur 20
Inder Inder 20
Jyoti.b Jyoti 20
Kanhaiya Kanhaiya 20
kapilsharma kapilsharma 20
Karansingh Karan singh 20
Kathy Kathy 20
Knita Knita 20
kokaram Koka ram 20
Krishna2023 Krishna 20
KrishnaK Krishna 20
Kunal2 Kunal 20
lakshanaa lakshanaa 20
Lakshmee Lakshmee 20
Manas1 Manas1 20
Monu Monu 20
nandakumar Nanda Kumar G 20
Nandu 20
Nena Nena 20
Nilkhil Nilkhil 20
Nima Nima 20
nimadevi nima 20
Pankaj-2 Pankaj 20
Parsh Parsh 20
pinkysh Pinky 20
Prajna_1 Prajna 20
Prince07 Prince07 20
priti Preet 20
PriyankaNahata PriyankaNahata 20
Rachhuu 20
RadheS Radhe S 20
raheeena 20
Rahilaaa 20
Rahul2 Rahul 20
Rajender Rajender 20
Rajesh2 Rajesh S 20
rameena rameena 20
RamS Ram 20
Rash 20
Rashmitha Rashmi 20
Ria Ria 20
Rina1 Rina 20
Rita Rita 20
Ritikak Ritikak 20
RohitKumar Rohit 20
Ruchi21 Ruchi 20
Rudra Rudra 20
Ruhi 20
santoshkeystone santosh 20
sharda_lodha Sharda Lodha 20
Shashikumard Shashikumar 20
Shayam Shayam 20
shreya Shreya 20
Shrihar Shrihar 20
Shruthi95g shruti G 20
Sinchu Sinchana 20
singh_ekta Ekta Singh 20
Singhsukriti Singhsukriti 20
smithaaa 20
Sonu1 20
Sumit1 Sumit1 20
SumitKumar Sumit 20
SUN Sunder singh 20
sunilagrawal Sunil Agrawal 20
Sunilkumar Sunil kumar 20
Surajsingh Suraj singh kirola 20
Thanishkaa 20
thashmira 20
vikashbtpl Vikash Kumar 20
Yash1 Yash1 20

Don’t be disheartened in case you didn’t win the goodie box. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:. Keep participating and you will also get an opportunity to possess the amazing goodie box.

Note -

Requesting the top 3 winners to share their delivery addresses by mailing us at Kindly note that you share the complete address without any mistakes as we won’t be able to re-deliver the goodie box in case of any error.

We would need the following details -

1. Full Name -
2. Contact Number -
3. Address -
4. Pin Code -

Come and join together to congratulate all the winners :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: :tada: :trophy: :medal_sports:

Keep participating and you can also get a chance to become the lucky one who can get the amazing goodie box. Stay tuned for our next Greytribe Quiz next month starting on 15th July 2024.

Community Manager.


Congratulation all of you.

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Hi @Kaulin ,

Congratulations to all winners.

My email id:

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Thank you & Congratulations all.

My email ID:

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Hi Kaulin,

Requested details shared via email.

And congratulations to everyone who participated.


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Hi Kaulin,

I have not recieved goodie box yet. Could you please check and confirm.

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Hi @Sitasingh ,

I see you are 1 of the top 3 winners who will receive a goodie box from our end, not the gift voucher. We have already processed the goodie box request with our gifting partner and soon you will receive it.

Hope this helps.

Community Manager.