Top 3 winners of the Greytribe Quiz 2.0 - Season 4 💥

Hello Community Members,

Hope you are doing well.

We have the top 3 winners of the Greytribe Quiz 2.0 season 4 who will be receiving lucky goodie box. Kindly note that we had 31 participants scoring 20 out of 20 and hence we had to conduct a lucky draw. Here are the names of the top 3 winners this time. The rest of them will be getting Amazon gift vouchers of INR 350 per winner. + 50% discount on our best-selling Udemy courses.

Username Name Top 3 winners
PG053Bindu Bindu Soni 20
Monu Monu 20
AmruthR Amruth 20

The other 28 who will be receiving INR 350 + 50% discounted Udemy courses are -

Yash1 Yash1 20
Surajsingh Suraj singh kirola 20
SUN Sunder singh 20
Sonu1 20
Shayam Shayam 20
Rudra Rudra 20
Ruchi21 Ruchi 20
Ritikak Ritikak 20
Rajender Rajender 20
Raileen1 20
Rahul2 Rahul 20
priti Preet 20
Prince07 Prince07 20
Partap Partap 20
Parsh Parsh 20
Nima Nima 20
Nandu 20
Manas1 Manas1 20
Madhuk1 Madhu 20
Kunal2 Kunal 20
Jyoti.b Jyoti 20
Dham Dham 20
Daksh Daksh Singh 20
Chandan Chandan 20
CD00224 20
Bharat Bharat 20

Don’t be disheartened in case you didn’t win the goodie box. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:. Keep participating and you will also get an opportunity to possess the amazing goodie box.

Note -

Requesting the top 3 winners to share their delivery addresses by mailing us at Kindly note that you share the complete address without any mistakes as we won’t be able to re-deliver the goodie box in case of any error.

We would need the following details -

1. Full Name -
2. Contact Number -
3. Address -
4. Pin Code -

Come and join together to congratulate all the winners :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: :tada: :trophy: :medal_sports:

Keep participating and you can also get a chance to become the lucky one who can get the amazing goodie box. Stay tuned for our next Greytribe Quiz next month starting on 11th Dec 2023.

Community Manager.


Congratulation All the Winners.

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Thanks @Kaulin , I have shared the details over the email.

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Thanks @Kaulin ,

I have shared the details over the email.

Congratulation to all the Winners.

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Hi Kaulin,

I did not receive my gift voucher yet. Could you please check and confirm by when i will receive.

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Hey @Monu ,

Hope you are doing well

Kindly note that your goodie box has been dispatched and It should reach you in a couple of days. I am just waiting to get the tracking details from the gifting partner. Hope that helps.

Community Manager.


Hi Kaulin,
I did not receive my gift voucher yet.
Any update on the same?

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Hi Kaulin,

I did not receive my gift voucher yet.
Is there any update on the same.

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Hey @Jordan,

I am not sure whether I am missing something but I couldn’t find your details in my winners list. So in case I am missing something please help me out here. You can also send a screenshot of the 5-day quiz and will evaluate and release your reward. Hope that helps.’

Community Manager,