Transfer claim in exempted establishment and un-exempted establishment


Employee used to work in an exempted establishment. Now works in an un-exempted establishment. How file transfer claim be done?

Here’s everything you need to know about PF transfer from exempted to an un-exempted organisation:**

  • In order to transfer PF from exempted to an un-exempted organisation, one needs to fill a Transfer Claim Form – Form 13 (Revised) and address it to the PF account .
  • You will need the PF account number of the account with the previous exempted employer. For an exempted organisation, the pension fund number could be different.
  • You will need the full address of the previous employer and all the details of the current employer. .
  • To proceed with the transfer request, you will need to get Form 13 (Revised) attested. This can either be from the current employer or the previous employer. .
  • You will be required to mention your the bank account details as well even though it is a transfer request. .
  • As the previous PF was maintained by PF Trust of the exempted establishment, you are required to send one copy of the filled up Form-13 (Revised) to the previous employer .
  • The member is required to take the printout of the submitted online claim application, sign it and submit it to the employer, previous or present, depending on the option chosen .
  • In the transfer process, the EPFO office sends the PF funds to the exempted establishment along with an Annexure-K.


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