What to do if you are laid off - Survival Guide!

The rapid succession of layoff announcements at Meta Platforms Inc., Twitter Inc., and other technology companies have put some workers on edge, and not just in Silicon Valley. The job market overall remains strong, but forecasts of slowing growth have stoked worries that more employers across the economy may slash their payrolls.

Here is what you need to know, and need to do, should you be laid off—from launching a job search to finding emotional and financial support.

What to do immediately after

There are some important differences between being furloughed, laid off, or permanently terminated and it could mean the difference between having healthcare coverage or not. If you were fired, ask whether you will receive severance pay, as well as how you will be compensated for any unused vacation days. You could also be eligible for unemployment benefits in your state, depending on the circumstances.

Negotiate your exit, if you can

Severance pay isn’t required by law, but some companies have established policies for offering it. The typical formula for a severance package is one or two weeks of pay for each year of service. This is either negotiated when a job is offered or when a job is terminated.

Post on social media

One of the quickest ways to get a job lately has been to announce on social media that you were laid off. There are a couple of big benefits to this practice: Your network will take note and offer to help amplify your message, and people who want to hire will feel welcome to call.

Reach out to friends and family

Many laid-off employees can feel directionless and lose their sense of self. To avoid that situation, career experts say it is important to reach out to your network, your family, and your friends. Create a routine that will give you a sense of productivity, whether that means sending out a certain number of job applications a day, working on a new hobby, or doing a daily workout.

Reach out to your network

Now is a great time to power up your roster of go-to professional contacts. It is daunting to put yourself out there and ask for favors, but if you have been laid off, this is the time.

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