When can Company ASK not to take any more leaves?

Dear Community ,

There is an employee who has availed all available leave but still, that person keeps on taking leave. When we can have asked not to take any more leave, he/she said you can deduct the amount. Not bothered about money deduction.
kindly advice ,
& Congratulation to all the Winners , Keep Rocking and Good Luck :slight_smile: !

regards ,
Vineeta Solanki


It is a difficult situation. HR may attempt to uncover the case. Probably check with the manager about the performance and engagement level of this employee. Usually, engaged employees love to work and contribute. Availing leave is not a disengagement but availing it beyond balance, and no botheration towards LWP is a real concern.

My suggestion is to understand the reason(s) - dissatisfaction, boredom, external pressure, family problems, health issues, collision with studies, etc,

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