Word-of-mouth, referral primary source of recruitment!

At least 6 in 10 experts (63 percent) believed that word of mouth, or referral is the primary channel of recruitment in Public Affairs, followed by LinkedIn (55 percent) and Recruitment Agencies (51 percent), according to a study conducted by PAFI-Ipsos Public Affairs Career in India.

Though retention was seen as a major challenge by at least 2 in 3 of the experts polled. For high levels of churn, the experts believed that better job opportunities in the market (47 percent), unrealistic expectations from employers (34 percent), and salary discontent (30 percent) could be some of the reasons, the report read.

It further stated that almost 6 in 10 professionals interviewed (59 percent) felt the biggest challenge for the industry per se was the lack of relevant metrics to demonstrate business value (59 percent) and vague career progression path (47 percent).

These are some of the key findings of the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI)-Ipsos joint study titled Public Affairs Career in India – a turning point.

PAFI is a global market research company that undertook a survey to identify career and compensation trends for Public Affairs professionals in India.

The study also captured the desired professional traits for hiring in PA and domain expertise was the most desired lever highlighted by at least 64 percent of professionals. Communication skills (57 percent) and training (55 percent) were the other attributes preferred for hire.

The impact of the pandemic was moderate on the sector, said 45 percent of the professionals polled. Though one in 6 felt a major impact on employee functional engagement.

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